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    This page is a work-in-progess.

    Meet Murray and Iza.  CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)  Murray and Iza.   The Carmalita Story.   "Illegal," video starring Carmalita, a pretty red chicken.   Guest Notes:  "Just checking to see if 4Peaks still exists, with you as the overseer."   "I told them I knew of someone interested in preserving their land, and was looking at various legal options. "   More pages in A Personal Potpourri.  
    Murray, Iza and Carmalita.
    Meet Murray and Iza.  My son Murray is a top-level IT in NYC and his new wife Iza is a talented full time artist. They live in Brooklyn, but they love the Adirondacks here by the AuSable River where Murray grew up. They are frequent visitors who know how to enjoy an Adirondack Vacation/Getaway. In years to come they plan to take over the rental business and care for the Fourpeaks property into the future. Meet them now on this and adjoining pages.
    The Carmalita Story. Iza's next art school project at Hunter was a challenging, but logical choice. A Polish student who overstayed her temporary via, Iza got caught up in the harsh mechanism of our present-day immigration control machinery on the border with Mexico. She was detained (jailed) in Del Rio TX for a month along with other illegals. "Illegal," the video starring Carmalita, tells the story.

    'Illegal,' starring Carmalita with Iza.CLICK HERE for "Illegal" on You Tube, starring Carmalita with Iza. An illegal immigrant, border patrol police, apprehension, incarceration, the American Flag, problems of identity and more. A sensitive and accomplished fine artist, Iza's video is far above the usual You Tube fare. It deals with the subject of "illegals" in a way that is meaningful, mysterious and on the mark for contemporary experience in cultures worldwide. Check it out. And please leave feedback. Thanks. CLICK HERE for Carmalita publicity photo.
    Look for "Illegal, The Making" and "The Carmalita Story--A Northcountry Experience," new pages in this series to be uploaded soon!

    "Just checking to see if 4Peaks still exists, with you as the overseer."
    From: maz***@up**.ca>
    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 06:26:36 -0700
    Your_Name: Anne Maz***
    Your_Message: Hi Martin,
    ...just checking to see if 4Peaks still exists, with you as the overseer. So glad to see both do.
    Don and I have such fond memories of our time at new camp, all 700 acres to ourselves, surrounded by the surprise first snowfall of the year. Every day we hiked to a different cabin, savouring each adventure like a special treat...through the deep snow, past bronze coloured beech leaves, branches bowing low under the weight of the snow...the sun brilliant in an lovely blue sky.
    We'll get there again one of these days.
    Hope you and George are well and that business is good enough.
    Anne Maz**, Suffolk, PEI Canada
    Subject: Don and I have such fond memories of our time at new camp
    From: "Martin (Your Adirondack Guide)"
    Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 12:48:57 -0500
    To: maz***@up**.ca>
    Thanks for the welcome note about your early Winter visit here years ago
    and the pleasant memories you took back with you.
    Sorry for the BIG delay though in responding to "if 4Peaks still exists."
    The thought you raise, gently and discretely put, I think, has been
    brought to me by a number of regular guests. Well, I have just recently
    gotten "serious" about this with my son, Murray, and am happy to let
    you (and all guests) know we have made very good plans to keep Fourpeaks
    just as it is into the forseeable future (and beyond). Meet him and his new
    wife on a new page I'm working on, "Meet Murray and Iza: The
    Carmalita Story" soon. The page isn't done yet, but there is link to it
    at my "Meet Your Host" page with some stuff
    now and more as I get to writing it.
    Sincerely best wishes, Martin
    Yes. Please come back. Discounts apply and there are additional
    benefits. See

    "I told them I knew of someone interested in preserving their land, and was looking at various legal options. "
    Subject: Adirondack/4 Peaks Contacts
    From: Eric D *****s
    Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 11:16:32 -0500
    Hi Martin,
    Thanks for the holidays greetings you sent Petra and me earlier. Hope you and George and enjoying the holidays as well. I like the photo of the snowdog on the website!

    I feel a little ashamed as I was going through my emails, and realized I never forwarded you a correspondance I had back in October, after our last trip to Four Peaks and our dinner discussion about some of your ideas for your property. I promised I'd get you some info, so here it is a bit late....

    I spoke to a few people I know who are involved in various organizations which deal with land management issues in the Adirondacks. I hope you you don't mind - but I told them I knew of someone interested in preserving their land, and was looking at various legal options. I left your name and property out of our conversations, but they all seem to think a land easement or land trust might be something you would want to look into. Brian H**** - who I mentioned to you over our dinner - runs the Adirondack Council out of Elizabethtown and below is an email he sent me. I believe his organization concentrates more on public policy advocacy and less on assisting property owners, but he provides a lawyer referral and has some resources on their website. Maybe you have already contacted them since we spoke, but I hope this might lead to some useful information for you. Might also be worth calling down and speaking to someone in his office.

    I also spoke to my colleague whose family and very active in the Adirondacks. She's the person who I mentioned to you who's family at one time was one of the largest land owners in the park, and she knows of another lawyer in Glens Falls who might be helpful. I don't have his name, but if you want, I can get that from her.

    Lastly, I had a really good conversation with someone I know here in the Syracuse area who is on the executive committee for the Adirondack Mountain Club. Not sure how well you know the organization. They are on the internet at and are very active in many aspects of land management and preservation/conservation. They have a number of legal arrangements with both private property owners and the State to manage property, such as trails and or general public access to lands. I believe they also own some land as well. In particular, they might be very helpful if you are looking at something similar to a land easement, in which you keep the property in your family or other private hands, but make it available for recreational and conversation purposes. I believe they provide any range of services - or can at least offer some guidance and advice - from just clearing debris from trails to more tourism/hospitality/recreation services. They run the Adirondack Loj south of Lake Placid, at the base of the many of the public trails leading up to the High Peaks, and I think they even work with the State to patrol the trails and assist hikers. It's completely a not-for-profit operation. The person I know is Bob M**** - he personally maintains a couple public shelters way back in the St. Regis Wilderness Area outside Saranac Lake, and has a private camp outside Paul Smiths. If you like, Bob can put you in touch with someone from the organization, or I'm sure he would be willing to meet you sometime to just talk and learn more about what you are looking to do. If you want, let me know and I can give you their contact information, and or I can give them your name and contact info.

    Have a great new year, and hope to see you up there sometime in the near future.

    Cheers, Eric
    Eric **** | ****** | Community Engagement and Economic Development
    Syracuse University 350 West Fayette St, Suite 405 Syracuse, New York 13244-3050 t 315.*** e *************
    .....................................BEGIN ATTACHED..........................................
    From: Brian H********** [mailto:BH*****(@adirondack*****.org]
    Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 3:10 PM
    To: Eric D ******* Subject: Re: Adirondack Estate Planning
    Eric -
    Both the Nature Conservancy and Open Space Institute work in the Adirondacks and can assist with conservation easements and family trusts.
    You might also look at our 2020 Volume publication on Private Lands Stewardship on our web
    The best lawyer on the topic I know is Steven Small, who can also be found on the web.
    I hope this helps for now,
    Brian H***** Executive Director The Adiron*** ***** P. O. Box **** Elizabethtown, NY Tel: 518 *** *** Fax: 518 *** **** E-mail: bh*****@adirondack*****.org
    .....................................END ATTACHED..........................................

    Subject: Re: Adirondack/4 Peaks Contacts
    From: "Martin (Your Adirondack Guide)"
    Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:42:52 -0500
    To: Eric D *************>
    CC: Petra ***** p*****
    Thanks very much for your email. I found our table talk when you were
    here very helpful and your email added to that.

    I plan to follow up on the leads you present in your letter and explore
    the means open to me through a conservation easement with or without
    additional legal instruments to preserve Fourpeaks. I am grateful to
    have your help, with your expert knowledge and well placed contacts.
    Much thanks.

    Along with that, by a recent turn in events, I have found a way to keep
    the property and the rental business "in the family," so to speak.
    My (26-year old) son has taken an interest in keeping the place (after
    I'm dea
    d, I say, an expression which annoys some people, but I hope not
    you.) I gave him the option of cash or land+business "as-is" and he
    chose the latter. He's a frequent visitor and we have had several
    in-depth exchanges, together with his new wife (a family addition that
    is a key factor in my new way of looking at things). They are learning
    trail and building maintenance, finances, considering future
    supplementary work opportunities, and helping me update my sales and
    office work. I am also going to get their help exploring and documenting
    the early history here (a keen interest of mine). He knows the area
    well, lived here through grade and high school, and will manage quite
    well with the local help I've developed.

    I'm working on a webpage, "Meet Murray and Iza," so please take a look.
    They're an attractive couple who love the place. He's a busy top-level
    IT in NYC and she's a full time artist. The guests who've met them are
    charmed. There's a link to the new page (a work in progress) at my "Meet
    Your Host" page

    Yes. Plan a visit here as soon as you can. If you can spare the time,
    I'll tell you more.

    Best wishes, Martin
    P.S. Petra--Welcome back! Anything to tell me about the Border Collie Raffle opportunity?

    A Personal Potpourri. A Personal Potpourri.
    Old photos, letters, clippings, greeting cards and other stuff too precious to discard. A Personal Potpourri is your Adirondack Guide's eclectic photo and writing place for stuff that just doesn't fit elsewhere in Fourpeaks Adirondack Backcountry Camps webpages. CLICK HERE for more Personal Potpourri.  CLICK HERE to meet Your Adirondack Guide.

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