Fourpeaks  An Adirondack Vacation Cabin
Explore Ridge Camp an Adirondack Vacation Cabin. Adirondack Vacation Cabin. Explore the many Summer flowers on Stonehouse Road and along the AuSable River (Compass Daisy). Explore our 20 miles of private walking trails (Camp gate, Bassett Mountain). Explore an Adirondack Vacation Cabin in Winter (The Cabin). An Adirondack Vacation Cabin country kitchen (The Cabin). An Adirondack Vacation Cabin fireplace (The Cabin). Fourpeaks is in the upper right hand corner of New York State. CLICK HERE for maps and directions. CLICK HERE to check Fourpeaks AVAILABILITY Calendar On-Line.
Secluded cabin on 700 acres in the High Peaks.  (Your private getaway.)
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For a vacation "away from it all . . ."
An authentic Adirondack cabin in a hidden valley by 4 mountains. 20 miles of private hiking/skiing trails with 108 beauty spots to experience. Exciting views. A woodland brook with a scenic river nearby. Earth undisturbed for 9,000 years. Historic 19thC homesites. It's all here at our award-winning website.  NY? NJ? MA? Just hours from home! Family vacation? Private nature retreat. Romantic getaway? Luxury Camping.  Pet friendly.  CLICK HERE to Explore Fourpeaks!











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