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    .CLICK HERE to send Tramp an email. Tramp, The Adirondack Barking Cocker.
    Looking for a pet-friendly vacation (with your dog)? Tramp, our past Fourpeaks Resident Canine Host (1992-2003 RIP) tells you all about our outdoor adventure resort in the pet-friendly High Peaks. CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)   Meet Tramp, the Stone House barking cocker spaniel and past FRCH.   Miss P, the famous www.Internet web purrcat, interviews Tramp, the barking cocker and retired FRC.   Have your pet send Tramp an email. He'll write back.   About George, Tramp's kid brother and current FRCH.   Tramp's Story. All about how we got him and Floppy our pet rabbit.   George invites you visit his pet-friendly vacation resort!   Meet our doggy guests! (At the Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book.)   (On the next page.)  See All 10 Fourpeaks Pet-friendly Vacation Pages. Fun and informative!.  
    Tramp says:
    "The trails here at Fourpeaks are neat for dogs. Louise takes me out a lot. (I'm a nut off lead so she always has me haltered--but I still like it.) There's Stonehouse Road for beginners. The trail to The Lookout for something with a view. Gung-Ho outdoor types like Setters and Labs relish the longer walks and they're ok off lead. The best trail is to the Ridge. Dale comes here often with that mutt Shepherd of his and they jog the 2-1/2 miles all the way from the Stone House. (Showoffs!)"  (CLICK HERE for more about our walking trails and beauty spots.)
    "Then there's the AuSable River just a short walk to the bottom of Stonehouse Road. Ideal for us fourlegged creatures. It's shallow with lots of shoals and islands for running around in. You don't have to be a swimmer to enjoy this fresh water fun. Say Go fetch! and I jump right in. But watch out when I come out and shake dry."  (CLICK HERE for more about swimming in the scenic AuSable River and CLICK HERE for a map to find the best swimming spots.)

    CLICK on Miss P for her famous interview with Tramp. Miss P (the famous www.Internet web purrcat) interviews Tramp.
    "Always wishing to be innovative, Miss P. has decided that the best way to introduce folks to this wonderful vacation spot is to interview the past resident canine host at Fourpeaks, Tramp."
    CLICK HERE for Miss P's newsbreaking interview with Tramp, Fourpeak's barking cocker.

    CLICK HERE for the whole Fourpeaks StoryThe Story. The Story.   Floppy and Tramp.
    Our rabbit died the Summer of '96. Floppy just expired during the hot spell one day in her favorite place under the kitchen cupboard. She was the best pet for five years. She was never sick. The vet said there wasn't much you could do for a rabbit anyhow, except ear medicine.

    She'd never run away. For the first year we built a hutch outside and she stayed there. But what good is a pet you can't pet? So we brought here inside and she was very clean, (almost) always going in her cage. She was a Holland Lop. She'd sit on your lap to be petted and if you were on the floor she'd come up and nibble on you.

    When we'd go for visits away we left Floppy at Mida's. Mida lives on a small farm that hangs over the river bank between Upper Jay and Keene. She has sheep she clips for wool, chickens for eggs, and dogs, cats and rabbits--just for pets. The rabbits live in the barn or under the floor. Mida puts feed out for them but they never come inside like Floppy. She had guinea hens, too, but they don't last long because of the highway.

    It took us almost a year to get over it and decide what to do. Maggie had to have a dog. She got the dog book from the library and picked out one of those wrinkly Chinese dogs that are so popular today. We found the breed magazine and a friendly breeder with videotapes on the Internet. It was pricey but ok. We came very close.

    But the vet said their eyes get covered over so they can't see and they die of cancer by the time they're five. We scared Maggie with that and she went back looking at the book. We all looked at the book. Setter, airedale, lab, bulldog, standard schnauzer? (Not a mini which would remind us too much of our earlier much-loved Albert.) I liked the bulldog, Maggie, the setter and Louise, the airdale. Murray hated the whole idea.

    One day--it was in September 1996, the kids had just started back to school--remembering what Bob Sanchez, the vet over in Westport, had to say about mixed breeds having better dispositions, we pulled into the animal shelter in Peru. It was just something that happened on spur of the moment--no plan at all. About an hour later we pulled out with Tramp in the back seat.

    The choices were heartbreaking to make. On the average, stray dogs or dogs put up "for adoption" last only a week or two before they are put to sleep. There just aren't enough people who want them. The caretakers didn't say but we suspected that some of them might have been bad tempered biters. We approached the selection process witrh caution--and besides we were in there just to look around anyhow!

    Tramp is a thoroughbred male American Cocker, about 20 months old when we got him, big for his breed at 36 lbs. The photographer from the local paper had been there that day and his picture was going to be in tomorrow's paper--"For Adoption"--a regular feature to help find homes for the shelter's inmates. We took him on a lead and he appeared happy and well behaved. Louise thought he'd go well with the old Stone House.

    Our theory was and is that he was stolen by dog thieves and was let go when they realized that he was too old to pass for the dog store puppy papers they had to match. We learned about this racket from the vet when Albert was stolen and recovered years ago--but that's another story.

    Tramp was a mess. We quickly got him to the vet in Peru for an exam (ok except bad ears, like all cockers), shots and a rough and tumble scrubdown in the tub. We got home just after the kids. They were thrilled. Murray flipped 180 degrees!

    Tramp is a homebody--perfect for us--napping a good deal of the day in a friendly comforting way. He beds up at night sharing the space right along with the people in the family--snoring a good deal. He begs a bit at the table--but not much. Worst thing is the barking.

    On the advice of the vet we fixed him, but that didn't change things. Tramp barks at any and every little thing--a truck driving up, guests at the barn, someone at the door. The vet says he would have told us about this drawback to the Cocker personality, but he could see we were in love and it wouldn't matter anyway. Tramp's in training now with water spray and this is working. Don't be afraid--he does not bite.

    A lady from Lake Placid with a mobile dog grooming business comes once a month to groom him. He's put on some weight since his "on the road" days as a tramp. He's on lean diet dog food now and we try hard not to give him scraps from the table. The snap was taken in the car with Maggie's camera from the French trip.

    Now that we've developed our vacation rental business, there's more visitors at our back door and Tramp's barking let's us know someone's there if we don't see them driving up or they don't know how to use the old fashion door knocker. Tramps's scrapping and barking is serious and persistent. Sometimes we think to put him out in the yard before we open the door and sometimes we don't think of it. But don't worry--he doesn't bite.

    We've tried every training trick that has been suggested. Water sprayed right on his nose stops him for a moment or two. But nothing really works. He's a barking cocker and that's all there is to it.
    (Want to hear the whole story?)

    Tramp, past FRCH. George, current FRCH. About Tramp and George.
    Your Adirondack Guide lost the Old Barn, New Barn, the 1829 Stone House and my pet dog, Tramp, in a divorce settlement September 2002. Now all I have left is just 4 mountains, 7 gorgeous backcountry camps, the prettiest 700 acres in the Adirondacks and the sweetest most playful pup in the world--George. CLICK HERE for George's Home Page and all about George, FRCH.

    CLICK HERE to Send Tramp an Email!
    Send Tramp an Email.Send Tramp an Email! (He'd love to hear from you.)

    CLICK HERE for all about a Fourpeaks pet-friendly vacation with your dog.George, the playful Mini Golden  invites you to His Pet-Friendly Vacation Resort. (CLICK HERE.)Vacation With Your Dog! Walk, Run and Swim in Mountain Air.  Fourpeaks 7 Backcountry camps on 700 acres with 4 mountains make a perfect Pet-friendly vacation in the great outdoors. 20 miles of hiking/skiing trails in meadows and woods with gorgeous views. Dog swimming at Brook Trail and the nearby AuSable--upstate New York's prime scenic river. Kitchens. Fireplaces. Comfort and style in a wilderness setting. CLICK HERE for George, our resident canine, who's excited to tell you all about it and CLICK HERE for an index to all 10 Fourpeaks pet-friendly vacation pages.

    'Meet Our Doggy Guests!' (Selected Pages.) CLICK HERE for ALL Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book Pages--A fun way to learn about Fourpeaks backcountry vacations. Meet Our Doggy Guests! The Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book. is a fun way to learn about our Adirondack backcountry vacations. Who came. Where they're from. Where they stayed. The Season. What they did here. Guest Photos Photos, Letters and Guest Book entries. CLICK HERE for our Photo Guest Book (100+ Pages.) or CLICK HERE to Doggy Guests.Meet Our Doggy Guests! (Selected pet-friendly vacation pages.)

    Tramp will always bark.
    "Have you tried training your dog "to bark"?" (An Email Exchange.)

    Subject: Dog Barking
    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 02:24:45 -0400
    From: Stephen Blumm

    I came to web site to find out about [finding a] room and read the barking story.
    Have you tried training your dog "to bark"? In other words you praise
    him and reward him for barking. Pretty soon you will be able to command
    him to bark.

    You now have control over his barking and can now say "no bark,"
    assuming that you have taught him "bark." You could just as well say
    Clinton or Bush -- it would not matter to the dog.

    Anyway this is the theory advanced by many trainers on how to get
    control over a barking problem. I've never tried it because I've had
    goldens and they tend not to be barkers.

    Have you tried this method? You might want to talk to a trainer . . .

    Hope this helps.


    Subject: Dog Barking
    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 09:59:38 -0400
    From: MartinAndLouise
    Organization: Fourpeaks--Adirondack Backcountry Camps
    To: Stephen Blumm


    Thanks for your thoughtful note about Tramp's barking.

    Training him to bark/not bark sounds like a good solution and we will get
    to work experimenting on this right away.

    He does know how to lift his paw for a handshake (must have been taught
    this by former owners before we got him from the Peru Dog Pound years ago).
    So I guess he's trainable. And he knows how to beg for food at the table.
    Louise says I trained him to do this by just giving him scraps.

    Today to stop him barking we throw a brass chain on the floor near him. Our
    old dogsitter who was an animal trainer for real gave us the chain years
    ago and showed us how to use it. It's about eight inches long (in a loop),
    weighs just a few ounces and works every time! Hollering at him to stop
    barking only makes matters worse.

    One thought we have about the bark/not bark, if we can get it to work, is
    that we'll no longer have our doggy door bell. We don't have a door bell at
    the Stone House, just a knocker. But Tramp hears that and sets off barking,
    which lets us know someone's at the door. We may have to electrify.

    Best wishes,

    Subject: Re: Dog Barking
    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001 14:25:43 -0400
    From: Stephen Blumm

    Good luck!

    The chain is used by quite a few trainers. Usually it works with puppies.



    Verbatim email exchanges with guests and prospective guests. Verbatim email exchanges with guests and prospective guests.CLICK HERE for more Fourpeaks Email Exchanges. Verbatim email exchanges with guests and prospective guests. Many of them informative. All of them good clean fun, even those about very serious subjects. Great if you like to read other people's mail.

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    Are you in this picture? Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition. Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Outdoor loving families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets. A private nature rereat. For a vacation away from it all.    Are you in this picture?  CLICK HERE to find out!    [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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