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    Planning a Vacation
    (With a group of friends or neighbors.) The gate is open.
    Visiting together on vacation? We have the High Peaks outdoors for you! There are great outdoor pleasures (and a few pitfalls to be avoided). The gate is open! CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)  Welcome.   Where to stay.   Fourpeaks Activities and R&R. (A complete vacation.)    Vacationing with another family or couple.   With a group of just friends.   To get started.   We need a Guest List.   "I called your establishment to inquire about about lodging for 4 couples . . ." (An Email Exchange.)   MORE ABOUT planning a group visit (On the next page.)  
    Family Reunion at Fourpeaks. Welcome to our 700-acre private rest and play-ground. Fourpeaks backcountry camps offer an unequalled opportunity for a private get-together--in a place of great natural beauty. No crowds. Maybe no other people at all. Fourpeaks Pines.Authentic Adirondack accommodations in the Great Camp tradition.
    Fourpeaks Pines.None of the feel of commercial tourism. For some--a wilderness experience!
    Fourpeaks Pines.Hiking, biking, river swimming and floating, field games, skiing, skiing, sledding and more outdoor activities right here at Fourpeaks.
    Fourpeaks Pines.Lake swimming, canoeing, hoeseback riding, fishing and downhill skiing nearby.
    Fourpeaks Pines.Dog and kid-friendly.
    Where to stay. Each of our attractive accommodations was designed with only one couple or family in mind. From our "just for two" places (New Camp, Wolf's Nest and Gypsy Camp) to Mom and Dad with up to six kids (Ridge Camp, The Cabin and Camp Barn). Your group vacation get-together may require more than one of our places for housing. We invite you to look them over and see what you like. A key goal should be to select places that (taken together) offer exclusive use of a major portion of our Fourpeaks property. That insures total privacy for your group of friends vacation. Here are some suggestions. Many more are possible. Please let us know your interests and we'll help.

    CLICK HERE to visit the backcountry camps at the end of Stonehouse Road. Rent one or more of our backcountry camps at the end of Stonehouse Road--The Cabin, New Camp, Sugar Camp and Gypsy Camp, on over 10 acres of open space for outdoor games and get-togethers. 8 bedrooms, 4 fireplaces and 4 complete kitchens in all. And while each camp is in its own private setting, they're close enough together for easy visiting, with room at The Cabin for food preparation and dining in the Screen House.[CLICK HERE for complete pricing information and CLICK HERE for On-Line Availability Calendar.]

    Fourpeaks outdoor activities. Fourpeaks offers a wide range of outdoor activities both here on the property and in the nearby High Peaks. Swimming and floating the AuSable river right at the farm. Hiking and picnicking on our our 4 mountains with many beauty spots. Ball games and lawn games (equipment supplied). Boating and canoeing at nearby Taylor Pond--a rare treat. Tell us about your planned get-together. We'll make suggestions that will fit with the interests of your group. Our style of hosting is personal and involved. [CLICK HERE for more about Activities right here at Fourpeaks and in the High Peaks nearby.]
    Fourpeaks offers an unequalled private hiking experience. CLICK HERE for more Vacation Activities right here at Fourpeaks. Fourpeaks fishing and swimming in the nearby scenic AuSable River. CLICK HERE for more Vacation Activities right here at Fourpeaks. Fourpeaks Outdoor Activities. A 700-acre private Adirondack wilderness right at your door. 20 miles of hiking/skiing trails. No traveling to get there. No crowds at the trailheads and summits. An unequalled nature experience with no people. River swimming and fishing at the nearby AuSable River. A wilderness lake. Lots more. Browse our 10 activity pages.  [CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Adirondack Activities.]

    Shared accommodations may not provide adequate privacy. Planning a vacation with another family or couple? (Maybe your sister's family or your old neighbors from Detroit.)    We encourage you to rent a separate Fourpeaks place for each family. That way we can be sure there is adequate privacy and living space for all our Fourpeaks guests. However, if separate accommodations are not available for your dates or if a shared occupancy works out best for you, that's all right with us. Prices will be higher than for Single or Double Occupancy. Please note that where accommodations are shared by another family we require contact information for the additional guests.

     Planning a vacation for a group of friends. (Maybe your office buddies or your old gang of college chums.)   As each Fourpeaks backcountry rental is designed for just one family, there is often not enough privacy for additional guests. And a group of unrelated friends or acquaintances, unlike functional family guests, may not meet our housekeeping standards or satify us in the matter of personal safety. [CLICK HERE for Rental Terms, including Housekeeping Responsibilities, and Safety First! for Fourpeaks Guests.]
    We worry a lot about renting to a group of friends. Frankly, like most owners of private rental places, we are reluctant to rent to groups of friends, especially more than just a few persons.
    We're open minded about renting if the group of friends is orderly, mature, and goes along with our rental procedures.But you may feel your friends group is responsible and especially well suited for an outdoor getaway vacation at Fourpeaks. Give us a call. We'll be happy to learn about it. With the proper planning, you can enjoy being with your friends in a place of such natural beauty you'll never forget it!  ( CLICK HERE for Martin and Reto and friends at Ridge Camp--what they had to say about it with 32 photos. )

    Please note that
  • Deposit payments, for group of friends bookings (more than two couples or families) are non-returnable unless the cancellation is made in time for us to re-rent the reserved accommodation and we succeed in doing so. [See Rental Terms for normal (non-group) cancellation terms.]
  • Final payment will be required 30 days in advance of arrival date.
  • An inspection visit may be required in advance of booking.
  • A security deposit may be required. (This is returnable on inspection of the accommodation on departure.)

    We're sorry if this sounds like a lot of trouble. There are many area properties that provide full maid service and have no safety concerns whatever. They welcome groups of all kinds. [CLICK HERE for a list of attractive High Peaks accommodations. Or Email/Phone us for suggestions.] We know the places well and we'll help you find one that fits your group. Think of Fourpeaks when it's just you two and maybe your dog.

    To get started.
    1) PHONE. Fourpeaks website is a thorough guide to the accommodations and the activity opportunities here. We hope you like it. But it's important to allow us to amplify or clarify things by phone. Please phone us 518-524-6726 or CLICK HERE for Toll-free calling any time.
    2) LIST. To make a rental offer we need to know who's coming by family units. Send us your proposed Guest List--full names and addresses will not be needed at this stage. Use our Guest List Form or make one of your own. Thanks.

    Your Guest List. Please provide a Guest List for booking additional guests. The list should be arranged by family units that ordinarily occupy the same household. (Our form for Guest List shows the information we need.)
    Your hosts at Fourpeaks make a personal effort to insure that all guests are comfortable and having a good time. We'll write each family in advance of their visit to familiarize them with the amenities and the vacation opportunities here at Fourpeaks. We'll send maps and photos and invite them to contact us directly for special needs or activity interests.

    "I called your establishment to inquire about about lodging for 4 couples . . ." (An Email Exchange.)

    Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 09:06:31 -0400
    From: "Margaret *****" m****
    To: "Fourpeaks--Adirondack Camps"
    Please take me off your list. I called your establishment to inquire
    about lodging for 4 couples and was immediately rebuffed by the owner who
    said it was probably not a good match. He didn't even ask a question about
    our backcountry experience or interest, just assumed we were partiers. Will
    be glad to give my business to someone else.
    Subject: We're sorry you were offended
    Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001 10:44:49 -0400
    From: MartinAndLouise
    Organization: Fourpeaks--Adirondack Camps
    To: "Margaret *****" m****

    We're sorry you were offended and felt rebuffed when you inquired about a
    Fourpeaks stay for last New Years. We have no room for four couples at any
    of our places, so this type of booking could not be accommodated.

    We've retrieved our email response from our files (see below) and we agree
    it could have been friendlier and more informative. For example, we could
    have offered more than one of our places for your group, so everyone could fit.

    Our excuse is that (like others in the lodging business) we do get quite a
    lot of party group inquiries over the holidays. Such groups are not
    welcome, aside from the fact that they simply can't fit (not enough
    bedrooms or even beds in our Backcountry Camps). More importantly we
    don't often rent to groups because typically they're not responsible housekeepers.

    Groups don't function like just one couple or family when it comes to
    housekeeping. It's not that we're worried they'll trash the place. They're
    disorganized and they won't (can't) leave it in the clean and orderly
    condition that we request--"Leave it as you find it." We explain why this
    is important to us in our Rental Terms And we
    make our position clear about how we feel about renting to groups as
    politely and as thoughtfully as we can at a special "Planning a
    Get-together?" webpage

    We do host some groups quite sucessfully. Martin, Reto and friends made
    not just one, but two visits to Ridge Camp in 2000 and one of them was over
    New Years. See for photos of their summit
    hikes and camp fun. They're really the kind of outdoorsy folks who
    appreciate our place. I'm sorry you didn't take the hint at our special
    "Planning a Get-together?" webpage and let us
    know how outdoorsy and campy your group was. That might have made a difference.

    Your name has been taken off our mailing list (as you requested) but we
    really hope you'll consider staying with us in the future. For anyone with
    a love of backcountry quiet and beauty, Fourpeaks is a unique vacation
    opportunity--wilderness accommodations with views (not a cabin colony) in a
    comfortable place with high quality furnishings (not a tent or leanto).

    You say you'll "be glad to give [your] business to someone else." Where?
    Not here in the Northeast. Except you get above the tree line in Colorado
    or 50 miles off paved roads in way Eastern Quebec you won't find anything
    comparible. Please reconsider.

    Thanks for your feedback. Even if we never get to host you here at
    Fourpeaks, your response has been helpful.

    Best wishes,
    Martin and Louise
    (Martin Schwalbaum and Louise Merriam)
    Fourpeaks Hosts and Owners

    .........................Email Copy.......................
    [File Copy of Email sent Dec 6, 2000 in response to a phone inquiry for accommodations for a group of
    (maybe, not sure how many) 5 couples over New Years.]
    (Reformatted from Fourpeaks information database.)

    To: Meg ****         
    At: m****
    Dear Meg,        [Thanks for your phone call.]

    Meg--I'm sorry we don't have anything that would suit you
    for New Years. Please think of Fourpeaks for just you two.

    Your Adirondack Vacation/Getaway, a secluded mountain valley this Winter . . .
    'New Camp,' on a granite ledge, a porch with distant views,
    complete kitchen, fireplace, a supply of firewood--enough for
    your visit--4 mountains, a jar of homemade jam, a hammock with
    space, the friendly attention of your hosts, 700 acres with
    hiking/skiing trails, an Adirondack River to fish and swim
    in, a high degree of privacy in the accommodations & Quiet:
    $350/3nights for 2 persons. [10% Room Tax applies. See NOTE.]
    [Photos, maps, full details at ]

    Consider another Camp on Fourpeaks 700 wilderness acres?
    'Ridge Camp' 3 buildings, High Peaks Views from open balcony
    $500/3nights for 2 persons. [10% Room Tax applies. See NOTE.]

    Meg--There are six more Fourpeaks PLACES to choose
    from and many alternate DATES to consider. See our On-Line
    Availability Calendar or
    phone 800-xxx-xxxx.

    For 4-Season ACTIVITIES--miles of private hiking/skiing
    trails with views and just R&R. River swimming, floating,
    fishing. Lots more to do nearby--things most visitors
    don't find. We'll guide you--

    Want to consider other places?
    We suggest Jay Lodge, Huntington Cottages and more choices
    all of them right here in the High Peaks area at our

    Thanks for finding "Fourpeaks." Please visit us On-Line at our
    award winning 300-page website "" The photos, maps,
    full descriptions, informative articles and area links will
    enhance your appreciation of the natural beauty here. Explore our 700-acre rest and play-ground. Pretty camps in a secluded valley. Walks with views and beauty spots. Activities right here and nearby. Safety First! & Rental Terms.

    Your Adirondack Hosts,

    Martin Schwalbaum/Louise Merriam

    P.S. For reservations phone 800-xxx-xxxx (US) or 518-946-xxxx.
    P.P.S. A 10% Essex County Occupancy Tax applies to rentals of
    less than 7 days duration.

          Member Whiteface Mountain Visitors Bureau
       Member North Country Chamber of Commerce 518-563-1000
    Subject: RE: We're sorry you were offended
    Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 13:05:51 -0400
    From: "Margaret *****" m****

    For future reference, your comments were made to me when I inquired by
    phone, not by email. I suggest that you query potential guests before
    making conclusions.

    Verbatim email exchanges with guests and prospective guests. Verbatim email exchanges with guests and prospective guests.CLICK HERE for more Fourpeaks Email Exchanges. Verbatim email exchanges with guests and prospective guests. Many of them informative. All of them good clean fun, even those about very serious subjects. Great if you like to read other people's mail.

    MORE ABOUT planning a group visit (On the next page.)
    Are there enough beds? Fourpeaks Room Plans.
    Will everyone be comfortable with the amenities at Fourpeaks?
    A Word About Adirondack Vacation Value.
    Fourpeaks Adirondack Camps: What they're like! & What they're not like.

    .Are you in this picture? CLICK HERE to find out. 
    Are you in this picture? Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition. Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Outdoor loving families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets. A private nature rereat. For a vacation away from it all.    Are you in this picture?  CLICK HERE to find out!    [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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