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    Ridge Camp an Adirondack Getway. AuSable River at the farm. Compass Daisy. Our Summer flower on Stonehouse Road and along the AuSable River. The open Camp to your Adirondack Getway (Bassett Mountain). Winter Adirondack Getway at The Cabin. A Homey country kitchen for your Adirondack Getway. Big stone Fireplace for your Adirondack Getway.
    Adirondack Vacation?  Explore Fourpeaks!
    Our Backcountry Cabins make an ideal vacation getaway from which to explore the abundant natural beauty of the Adirondacks. Miles away from commercial tourism, in a hidden valley at the end of a one-lane dirt road. "An Adirondack Getway for a vacation away from it all . . ."
    Unique private settings on our 700-acre private forest retreat. Traditional interiors. Full kitchens. Fireplaces. Hiking/skiing trails. For quiet walks. Or just R&R   CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)   Like to stay at a real Adirondack Cabin?   . . . a close relationship with the natural surroundings.   Fourpeaks is at the center of a scenic triangle.   Fourpeaks offers lots more than just lodgings.   Guest Notes:  "Fourpeaks is the most beautiful bit of untouched land we've ever seen. We're so glad you're keeping it that way . . ."   "The simplicity & silence was a joy."   (From my mailbag.)  "To be honest, your website is a mess."   (On the next page.)   10 Best Visitor Information Pages. (Quick Index.)
    Are you in this picture? Are you in this picture? Couples appreciate a romantic getaway with no people around. Folks with dogs enjoy the open Adirondacks to run their pets. Outdoor families have fun discovering our accessible wilderness.
    Winter vacation at The Cabin. Like to stay at a real Adirondack Cabin?
    FOURPEAKS BACKCOUNTRY CABINS are individual cabins or cabin complexes on 700 acres of private forest land with four 2,000-foot peaks. Each is located in its own secluded mountain/valley setting in the High Peaks of New York's 6-million acre Adirondack Park--the largest controlled use recreation area in the East. On hiking/walking trails in meadows and woods with mountain views. For an Adirondack vacation/getaway in the style of the 19th century wilderness or Great Camp. Authentic handmade and antique furnishings. Full kitchens, complete with all utensils and dishes. Fireplaces. One or two bedrooms. Pure luxury for campers or backcountry hikers. A satisfying adventure for those who have never lived "off the grid."
    Kitchen, The Cabin. (CLICK HERE to explore our Backcountry Camps.) In the spirit of making a close relationship with the natural surroundings, Fourpeaks backcountry camps preserve the style of living of the nineteenth century homes and farm buildings that at one time occupied the valley site. Old fashioned gas lighting and romantic candlelight. Gas refrigerators, cooking ranges and backup heaters. Privies (outhouses). Water from stand pumps in a well house or pitcher pumps right at the sink. Fireplaces, woodstoves. Open covered porches, screened porches, or both. Outdoor cooking grills and picnic tables. Blankets and pillows supplied. No maid service. Non-smoking. Hosts provide a full orientation to backcountry living. [CLICK HERE for a one-page tour of Fourpeaks   7 Backcountry Camps.]
    Uncrowded Hiking Trails at Fourpeaks. (CLICK HERE for complete trail notes.) Fourpeaks is at the center of a scenic triangle with Whiteface Mountain (3 miles), the Jay Wilderness (Jay Mountain, 4 miles) and the tallest 4,000-foot plus High Peaks (Keene, 10 miles away)--Spectacular Views! Surrounded by 3,000 acres in other large land holdings and bordered by mountains close by, Fourpeaks is far from development of any kind, offering natural beauty in abundance, a break from the everyday world. By the hamlet of Jay on the East Branch of the AuSable River. 6 miles from Whiteface Ski Area. 17 miles from Lake Placid Olympic Center.[CLICK HERE for Where in the world is Fourpeaks?   CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Hiking Trails & Beauty Spots.]

    Fourpeaks offers an unequalled private hiking experience. CLICK HERE for more Vacation Activities right here at Fourpeaks. Fourpeaks fishing and swimming in the nearby scenic AuSable River. CLICK HERE for more Vacation Activities right here at Fourpeaks. Fourpeaks offers lots more than just lodgings. Browse our 10 activity pages for 20 miles of private hiking/skiing trails, an unequalled nature experience with no people. River swimming, floating, wilderness canoeing, fishing at the famed AuSable River nearby. And just R&R in our accessible wilderness. [CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Adirondack Activities.]
    Winter: Hike/ski/snowshoe the private trails at Fourpeaks. Downhill ski Whiteface Mountain. Crosscountry ski Mt. Hoevenberg or Cascade. Spring to Fall: Hike Fourpeaks trails, climb 4 mountains or read/relax at camp. Fish/swim/float the nearby AuSable River. Bike the 20-mile AuSable River Scenic Corridor. Rainy days make a fire and just watch. Cabin fever setting in? Canoe Taylor Pond, a wilderness lake, shop nearby antique/craft shops, take in Burlington across our biggest lake or Montreal, the Paris of North America (1-1/2 hrs.). ( CLICK HERE for our full range of activity ideas or phone our Help Desk any time. )

    August 7, 2013 "To be honest, your website is a mess."
    Subject: Website Feedback
    From: marie****
    Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 01:51:45 -0700
    Hi, I am not actually a potential customer. I just came across your website. Reading on I know that you are offering something great and your place is really wonderful.
    But the thing is, to be honest, your website is a mess. I think it's about time that you invest in your website since the internet world does not somewhat find your website pleasing and you may be losing a lot of potential customer because they might lose interest in your lodge because your website content is messy. Just a tip sir. Good luck on your business.

    Subject: But the thing is, to be honest, your website is a mess.
    From: "Martin (Your Adirondack Guide)"
    Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 07:33:02 -0400
    To: marie****
    Dear Mai,
    Thanks for your email (copy below) proving valuable feedback on my webpage
    I put this page up March 1997 and have been rewriting and adding to it ever since. As a result it's a bit of an antique, like an old book. This fits well with our backcountry style of vacationing, living like folks did that settled the land here 200 years ago. The webpage offers lots to read and learn about. Not flashy with graphic tricks like something by a recent graduate of "How to Build a Webpage."
    Besides, it's too fragile and complex to fix.
    Trash it, and start over? Not on your life. Folk looking for what I have to offer--a private getaway in a place of great natural beauty. "A vacation away from it all . . ." They find it! And that keeps Fourpeaks a (small but happy) going business.
    Visit here one day yourself and discover the quiet and seclusion of the Adirondack wilderness. To help out, your feedback has earned you a 25% discount off listed rates. Save this email and let me know when and where. CLICK
    Thanks again for your feedback. Best wishes,

    #1365 "Fourpeaks is the most beautiful bit of untouched land we've ever seen. We're so glad you're keeping it that way . . ."
    Subject: Thank you for a wonderful visit!!!
    Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001
    From: "Corey L. C*****" corey_c***
    Dear Martin,
    Thank you for the best week we've had in years!
    Fourpeaks is the most beautiful bit of untouched land
    we've ever seen. We're so glad you're keeping it that
    way, and we intend to try and visit every year! We
    stopped by to see you Saturday morning, on our way out
    of Sugar Camp, but there was a note on the door saying
    you were out for a bit. We're sorry to have missed
    you, as we wanted to thank you in person, and let you
    know how much we enjoyed our stay. Both your plum and
    apple jam were delicious, and perfect for the biscuits
    we baked! What a wonderful week we had getting away
    from the world. We explored Fourpeaks on Sunday,
    checking out the various camps and getting a feel for
    what was around us. Monday we took the dogs to the
    swimming hole, and spent our afternoon there. Tuesday
    we walked the dogs over to the old Sugaring House, and
    the Giant Maple behind camp, then we took our canoe
    out on Taylor Pond for the afternoon. Thank you for
    that recommendation. It was gorgeous! So pretty, in
    fact, we even kept paddling a bit when it started
    drizzling on us. One note however, the sign was taken
    down, we're assuming for the off-season, or the
    construction they were doing??? We thought we'd pass
    that on for your other guests. Wednesday we hiked to
    the Lookout. You were right. The views were
    breathtaking from there! It rained on Thursday, but
    we still enjoyed our time at camp by reading books,
    and relaxing. When it cleared up, we tried to find
    the Smith Logging Camp, but we must have been on the
    wrong green trail. We headed back before it started
    getting dark, but the woods were fun, just the same.
    Friday we explored the Cedar Swamp, which was very
    interesting to see, and began packing up. We were
    sorry to have to leave. We have so many pictures, and
    I promise to scan some in to share with you this week.
    The dogs were exhausted at the end of every day, and
    so were we! We can't wait to come back and see all
    the other sites we missed. As always, so much to do
    so little time, unfortunately.
    Sincerely, Corey and John Camerato (and our dogs, Maggie & Ike)

    #1862 "to walk into places filled up with bird song and sunlight. I found such a place on the Internet."
    Subject: Thank You
    Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001
    From: Keren W*** kw***
    [A letter to her Mom.]
    CC: Martin
    Dear Mom,
    When I was younger and would get the blues, you would advise me to go visit Paula and remember how to laugh again. But this time I needed a different kind of Rx. The kind of remedy Daddy would have led us to during one of our 1950’s summer vacations. I needed a place like Jessie Lake, where the physical surroundings were so beautiful that I forgot my self. Where I could use my feet to walk as far as I wanted to into places filled up with bird song and sunlight. I found such a place on the Internet. FourPeaks.
    Dianna and Jeannette came with me. You know we' ve been talking about taking a trip together since we were in high school, but this year I just couldn’t wait for family and work to get out of the way. Molly as you know is away for 6 weeks, so the time was right. The three of us were overstressed and overworked. We talked of working on our writing projects during our vacation, but instead, we found it was time to walk in the woods during the day and drink wine and talk at night. The bestseller will have to wait a little longer.
    FourPeaks was gorgeous, Mom. Martin, the owner, was a very sweet man who wanted us to see the beauty in this 700-acre property he built over the last 30 years. We stayed in the New Barn with all the amenities but as we walked around the property we met people staying in cabins in the backcountry of the place, spots with names like “Gypsy Camp,” and “Ridge Camp.” Dianna and Jeannette talked about wanting to come back next year and stay in one of the more rustic cabins I loved walking along with Dianna and hearing her mull over the wildflowers on either side of the path. She knew all of the names and although I don’t remember any of them particularly, just the sound of her voice getting so much pleasure out of identifying pretty things – well it put a light, sweet glaze on the whole picture. Jeannette was the same way Walking with the two of them was like being on an educational trail hike with guides from the Nature Conservancy. You would have enjoyed it so much.
    Now we are on our way home, the dog (I’ll tell you about him later . . . yes Mom I got a dog!), and us three girls. I don’t want to face my hard work or my teenage daughter. But I’ll tell you one thing…
    Mom, you will get such a kick out of this. I walked away from the computer to answer the phone and now – three days later I can’t remember what the one thing was I was going to tell you!
    Just know that we three had a very special vacation and we are very thankful to Martin and Louise (and son) for working so hard and making such a beautiful place.
    Love you always,
    Keren Jean
    0026 "The simplicity & silence was a joy. The magnificent show of stars . . ."
    Guestbook Entry
    Date : 2/18/2002
    Name : Brian T***
    Email : w**
    Location : Sparta, NJ
    Comments : The simplicity & silence was a joy. The magnificent show of stars, constellations, planets & galaxies gave a sense of coming home. Very comfortable, nicely furnished, cozy camp just what we were looking for. And the echo off the mountains, incredible. "Solitude begets exhilaration."
    Thanks again,

    .Are you in this picture? CLICK HERE to find out. 
    Are you in this picture? Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition. Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Outdoor loving families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets. A private nature rereat. For a vacation away from it all.    Are you in this picture?  CLICK HERE to find out!    [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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