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  • Please WAIT! Then SCROLL DOWN for GYPSY CAMP.    [ Are you in this picture? ]
    Gypsy Camp, Wainwright Mountain. CLICK  for full bigger picture. GYPSY CAMP & Cedar House
    At the old Melvin farm, lilacs, ancient maples and butternuts. Our newest and smallest camp. CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)   Built at an old farmsite . . .   Amenities Summary.   Summer Sun Advisory.   About Backcountry Living (for Guests).   About access to Gypsy.   Meet Our Guests at Gypsy Camp. (What they had to say about it: Photos, Letters, Guest Book Entries.)   The Gypsy Camp Story--How it go that way.   4 Star Camping. Four Star Camping.   Guest Notes:  "we loved Gypsy. We picked the right place . . . the trailer adding a certain playful element to the whole experience"   From my Inbox: What is the difference between the gypsy camp and the cedar house?   (On the next pages.)   10 Best Visitor Information Pages. (Quick Index.) Lilacs and butternuts at Gypsy Camp.  
    Please SCROLL DOWN  for all 20 photos!   CLICK HERE to learn about EZ-Load Graphics on the Fourpeaks website. [Click on Photo For Full Size Image]
    Cedar House and Gypsy (View West).
    Kitchen Cedar House.
    Rockers by woodstove.
    Kitchen. North Wall.
    Kitchen sink.
    Built at an old farmsite with the hand-dug well still in use and the cellar nearby, lilacs, ancient maples and butternuts, Gypsy Camp is alone in a beautiful three-acre field on hiking trails with mountain views and a year-round brook. For location see Fourpeaks Trail Map label [GC] and CLICK HERE for the kind of secluded living offered at Gypsy Camp.

    CLICK HERE for the kind of secluded living offered at Gypsy Camp. Gypsy Camp, though small, is a two-building complex. Our old 1974 Gypsy Trailer (rebuilt 1999) with just a bed for sleeping (80 sq. ft.) and covered view deck (160 sq. ft.) is rented along with "Cedar House," complete kitchen, dining table, and woodstove (160 sq. ft., with sleeping loft, 80 sq. ft.). Propane refrigerator. Pitcher pump. Privy. Two buildings, two rooms, Non-smoking, Pets welcome, just 240 sq.ft. plus loft, max. 2 persons. Single or double occupancy, Single or double occupancy, $350/3 nights, $700/week. CLICK HERE for a seasonal offer, promptly delivered. 11% Sales/Occupancy Tax applies to all rentals of less than one week duration. A Deposit Payment is required to secure reservation. Cancellation fees apply.  See Guest Information for occupancy limitations and financial arrangements. Discount Prices.

    Please SCROLL DOWN  for all 20 photos!   CLICK HERE to learn about EZ-Load Graphics on the Fourpeaks website. [Click on Photo For Full Size Image]
    Dishes plus.
    Pitcher pump (right over well).
    View Jim Melvin field, Jay Mountain.
    Morse (rare) woodstove.
    Foldaway dining table (more chairs).
    Fourpeaks is a smoke-free vacation place. No smoking is permitted in any of the Fourpeaks accommodations. See Safety First! & Fourpeaks Rental Terms. ngc04.jpg "Gypsy Camp" Amenities Summary
    Bedrooms/beds: Double bed in Gypsy Trailer. Blankets and pillows supplied. Sleeping loft at Cedar House not for use without permission. [CLICK HERE for Frequently Asked Questions about what to bring, including bed linens and towels.]
    Full Kitchen:  Sink with pitcher pump, apartment size (20 in.) cooking range with oven, 4 cubic foot refrigerator, dining service for 4 persons and a complete selection of utensils, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, including a toaster, a tea pot and 3 kinds of coffee makers.
    Old-fashion outdoor toilet (privy, outhouse) right at camp. Toilet: Outside Privy (outhouse). [ CLICK HERE to learn about the privies (outhouses) at Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps.]
    Old-fashion pitcher pump right at the kitchen sink. Water/washing:  The old-fashion pitcher pump at Cedar House kitchen sink delivers water right from the antique well at camp. [CLICK HERE for all about limited water at Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps, especially in Winter. CLICK HERE for bathing and showering at camp.]
    Lighting: Gas lighting. No electricity. (Bring electric reading lamps, extra candles, if you like. No kerosene, gasoline or other lighting permitted.)
    Fireplace/heating: Scandinavian airtight woodstove with view glass (Cedar House) Firewood supplied and propane space heater (Gypsy Camp).
    Outdoors: Covered view deck with Adirondack chairs, picnic table, and charcoal barbeque grill. Hammock.
    Summer Swimming FunSummer Sun Advisory. Planning to visit in the Summer? As a result of the large glass areas (great for the view) Cedar House can be uncomfortably warm mid-day under full sun. Spring and Fall less likely to be a problem, and mornings and evenings are fine, but under full sun Cedar House can be hot. Tent campers will know about this.
    Gypsy Camp with sun deck.Sun Screens. The sun deck at Gypsy Camp and the exterior walls at Cedar House are designed to accommodate sun screens (lightweight plastic tarps). These will not be in place when guests arrive. Guests place sun screens (on hooks with bungies) as desired and (if placed) must remove them when leaving. For guests staying a week or more, an optional portable screen house is available for deliciously cool dining in the woods by the brook nearby. Additional fee. CLICK HERE for photo, room plan.
    Miscellaneous: Dish soap, hand soap, sponge/pot scrubber, Comet cleaner, firewood, dish towels, toilet paper, trash bags, matches, candles, biscuit mix, honey, salt, pepper, sugar, etc. are all supplied. [ Planning your visit? CLICK HERE for more helpful information on setting up housekeeping.]

    CLICK HERE for The Portable Shower Bath. Scrubbing Up at our Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps. How do we do it at camp with limited water and no electricty? We bathe the time-tested oldfashion ways of years ago. Pump the water by hand. Heat it on the stove. Then bathe from a bucket with just a rag. Or sit in a big tin washtub. Cowboy Bathing in Tub. Or an old-fashion claw-foot bathtub like a cowboy just off the range. New! Hot showers with a new-fangled portable shower. That's luxury camping! The shower is quick and convenient. Ask for one when you get here. Either way it's all educational and fun, to learn how to get scrubbed up in a backcountry setting. CLICK HERE for Hot showers and those Oldfashion Ways.

    Please SCROLL DOWN  for all 20 photos!   CLICK HERE to learn about EZ-Load Graphics on the Fourpeaks website. [Click on Photo For Full Size Image]
    Cedar House.
    Red door (Removed for repairs '08).
    Gypsy Camp (View East).
    Bed with view.
    Old stove, now a decorative night stand (heating by gas furnace).
    View East, Jay Mountain.
    Bed with view (canopy removed 2003, new ceiling).
    Gypsy Camp style.

    Backcountry Living at 'The Cabin.' Backcountry Living (for Guests).
    The cabins at Fourpeaks are spread out on a 700-acre property, 2-1/2 miles end to end. To maintain a safe, orderly, and clean place to live, the good will and cooperation of our guests are essential. This webpage will provide you a working familiarity with backcountry life and methods for heating, lighting and water use. Living off-the-grid is fun and educational. Insure your personal safety and comfort by learning how it works.
    If you're considering a Fourpeaks vacation rental,  CLICK HERE  for Backcountry Living (for Guests).

    CLICK HERE for more about access to our backcountry camps. Access to our Backcountry Camps. Fourpeaks is open year-round. There's auto access to The Cabin, Sugar Camp, New Camp, Gypsy Camp and Thoreau House, so you can drive right to them. But there's no "front desk" at Fourpeaks. so you need to find out how to get to your rental. CLICK HERE for How to Get to Your Rental.and What to do When you get There.
    Our two remote camps, Wolf's Nest and Ridge Camp, are rented to guests who hike in. (Wolf's Nest, 5/8 mile or Ridge Camp 1-1/2 miles.) Guests at those camps meet us at our Camp Barn Office. A full orientation to camp precedes the visit. Firewood plus propane for lighting and cooking are already in place at camp. Wash water is at the Well House at Ridge, but wash water must be carried up for Wolf. Extra backpacks and a cargo sled are available for loan.
    No guest vehicles. Except for short access roads off Stonehouse Road (to Thoreau House, Gypsy Camp, Sugar Camp, New Camp and The Cabin), the use of guest vehicles on Fourpeaks roads and trails is strictly forbidden.
    [More about access and other travel related information, including Winter Road Condirions, Public Transportation, and more at Frequently Asked Questions.]

    'Meet Our Guests!' CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book (A fun way to learn about Fourpeaks Adirondack backcountry vacations.) Meet Our Guests at Gypsy Camp! A fun way to learn about our Adirondack backcountry vacations. Who came. Where they're from. Where they stayed. The Season. What they did here. Guest Photos Photos, Letters and Guest Book entries. CLICK HERE for our Photo Guest Book.
    CLICK HERE for Vacationing with Your Dog Guest Book pages.Pet-friendly vacations.   CLICK HERE for Just For Two Guest Book pages.Romantic getaways.   CLICK HERE for Families with Kids Guest Book pages. Families with Kids.

    See Gypsy Camp photos at our Guest Book Pages for Pam and Rich and Kim and Dan.

    CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Discount Prices. Get away to Fourpeaks, working part-time to pay your way. CLICK HERE for our Work-Stay Program. Discount Prices. We love to see guests come back. To make it easier, we offer Year-round Discounts. CLICK HERE to see our Reduced Rate Plans for Returning Guests.   Work here part-time to help pay your way? CLICK HERE  to learn about our Fourpeaks Work-Stay Program.  Get away to Fourpeaks for free. CLICK HERE for a Fourpeaks Home Exchange?Have a home or apartment in New York City? CLICK HERE to learn about a Fourpeaks Home Exchange.   Never been here, but you're a student, senior, or live on low-income? CLICK HERE  for help finding an Adirondack Budget Vacation.

    The Fourpeaks Story: 1967 to Today.
    CLICK HERE for Ridge Camp Story. CLICK HERE for Sugar Camp Story. CLICK HERE for New Camp Story. CLICK HERE for The Cabin Story. Putting Fourpeaks on the Map. CLICK HERE for Wolf's Nest Story. CLICK HERE for Gypsy Camp Story. CLICK HERE for Thoreau House Story.

    The Fourpeaks Story begins on a ski weekend at Whiteface with my first wife in '67. I can't remember if the kids were there or not. With a busy new business in the city, I was looking for a "wilderness" place, lots of trees and space, to get away to whenever I wanted. I had in mind cheap land, lots of it, not suitable for building development. I started asking around at the realtors, focusing on the lower priced offerings. Breakfast at the Golden Arrow across from the old hotel, I spotted an old lady at the cash register, looked just like my Bubba, a greyhead Zeide nearby. The old couple pointed the way to Wilmington. A few days later Dan Deighan, the land-savvy real estate man from Placid, was driving me up Stonehouse Road in a four-wheeler through a foot of snow. I wrote about it in a poem, "Camp."   CLICK HERE for the full story about The Cabin, my first camp. For the other camps, CLICK on one of the image links above. CLICK HERE to hear The Whole Fourpeaks Story--1967 to Today, 7 camps, 3 barns, 1 Stone House, 700 acres and 40 years later.

    #1095 "we loved Gypsy. We picked the right place . . . the trailer adding a certain playful element to the whole experience"
    [Handwritten note Oct 13, 2003.]

    Thanks you Martin, Irene and George (the charmer) for making our stay here at Gypsy comfortable We had a lovely time getting lost in the woods and trying out the battery shower (cowboy showers are definitely the best way to go!).

    We hope to see you again, when we'll have more time to chat and ask questions--

    We never get a chance to be alone and really appreciated the privacy.

    Take care,
    From: Your Adirondack Guiude
    Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 07:33:31 -0400
    To: u*****
    Subject: Re: Your Fourpeaks visit 10/10/03 to Gypsy Camp

    Dear Julia,

    Thanks for your nice note. I couldn't tell from it if you
    used the battery shower or not. Was that your cowboy shower?
    Need feedback. Let me know. Thanks. Please visit again.

    Best wishes, Martin
    Subject: Re: Your Fourpeaks visit 10/10/03 to Gypsy Camp
    Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 11:06:36 -0400
    From: "julie c"
    To: Your Adirondack Guiude

    Hi Martin~
    I had to revisit the website--guess I had some of my terminology mixed up.
    To clarify: the tin washtub method (not cowboy bath) was exquisite. We
    warmed up some water in the sun, thanks to the great weather, and mixed it
    with some water we boiled on the stove. Just sat out in the tub in the sun
    and took turns pouring pitchers of water over each other. This was all of a
    bath I needed and it was nice and rustic--appropriate to the surroundings.

    We used the battery shower to rinse off with. It felt like more of a
    novelty; I can't say that it was necessary. It's very simple and fun to use,
    however, and I 'm sure there are some guests who would appreciate it.

    I'll add some other comments in the guest book, but just wanted to let you
    know how much we loved Gypsy. We definitely picked the right place, with the
    gypsy trailer adding a certain playful element to the whole experience. We
    felt like carnies traveling from fair to fair, and imagined that there was a
    big festival taking place in the field around us. Obviously, it was
    fantastically inspiring for us to be there.

    Thank you, again. Have a wonderful autumn.


    What is the difference between the gypsy camp and the cedar house?
    Subject: Fourpeaks Email Inquiry
    From: anna2****
    Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 11:23:19 -0700
    Your_Name: Anna
    Your_Message: What is the difference between the gypsy camp and the cedar house?

    Subject: What is the difference between the gypsy camp and the cedar house?
    From: "Martin (Your Adirondack Guide)"
    Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 15:40:06 -0400
    To: anna2****
    "What is the difference between the gypsy camp and the cedar house?"
    Lots. Then maybe not so much.
    Gypsy Camp is for sleeping, reading and whatever else people do in bed.
    Cedar House is for cooking food, dining and whatever else people do in a
    kitchen or a dining room.
    When you rent Gypsy Camp, it comes along with Cedar House (no extra
    charge). For a week at Fourpeaks (or even a weekend) you need them both.
    Find all about them at
    Best wishes, Martin
    P.S, I like you. Nobody ever asked this question before! And it
    definitely needed an answer.

    .Are you in this picture? CLICK HERE to find out. 
    Are you in this picture? Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition. Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Outdoor loving families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets. A private nature rereat. For a vacation away from it all.    Are you in this picture?  CLICK HERE to find out!    [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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