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Learn about Fourpeaks? CLICK HERE to start.
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  • Emergency Information for Guests Fourpeaks

    YOUR HOST IS HERE TO HELP!  In any Emergency Situation please phone or come see Martin at CAMP BARN right away for help and assistance AT ANY HOUR.
    Porucupine quills. Porcupine are a common animal in the woods and they may make a home near buildings. If your dog has a bad encounter with a porcupine, the quills need to be tremoved in a safe manner. Contact Martin right away to get help finding a vet to do this!
    Poison ivy. Allergic to poison ivy? Tell Martin about it BEFORE you have a problem. Already have a rash that looks like poison ivy? See Martin right away for help in controlling the reaction! For poison ivy information, CLICK HERE for all about poison ivy, where, how and what to do.

    PROPANE/GAS   Become familiar with shut-off location outside your accommodation. Shut off gas if you suspect a leak. [CLICK HERE for complete safety information for gas lighting, propane stoves and heaters.]


  • Do not load woodstove or fireplace with excessive amounts of fuel. Experience counts! Start off with smaller smaller pieces of wood and little of it.
  • Become familiar with location of ABC fire extinguishers in your accommodation.
  • If fire is burning too hot (over 500deg. F. on woodstove):
    WOODSTOVE: Close down damper to shut off air.
    FIREPLACE: Remove excess wood using fire tongs supplied. Smother fire with cold ashes.
  • FLUE FIRE (Roaring sound inside chimney): Use ABC fire extinguishers supplied (not water) and direct flow of contents onto flames and up into the chimney.
  • Never leave a fireplace or woodstove fire unattended after adding new fuel. OK to leave a fireplace or woodstove fire unattended IF THE FIRE IS BURNING DOWN.
  • Leaving camp? Don't remove hot coals or extinguish with water. The fire will burn out as long as there is no fresh fuel.[CLICK HERE for complete operating instructions for wood fires and gas lighting.]

    The nearest full service hospital is in Plattsburgh:
    Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital 100 Beekman Street (off Cornelia Street)
    General: 518/561-2000   24-hour Emergency Room: 518/562-7370.
    Emergency treatment 24/7 is also available at Lake Placid Memorial Hospital, Main Desk, 523-3311.

    There are several walk-in medical offices:
    Lake Placid, Mountain Medical Center, Dr. Mike Pond (Martin's doctor), Saranac Avenue opposite Pricechopper, 518-523-7575
    Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh Health Center, Tom Cross, RPA, Dr.Schroyer, M.D., 675 Route 3 (Upper Cornelia Street). Six blocks west off Route 3 Exit ramp. 518-566-0672.

    Ambulance Service, AuSable Forks, 518-647-5586. (A very efficient volunteer service.)

    Drug Store: Feeks Pharmacy, Steve Godlewski, Main Street, AuSable Forks, 518-647-8484.

    DENTIST Dr. Najim. AuSable Forks, 518-647-8222.

    FOR YOUR PET DOG: CLICK HERE for Vets location and contact information. CLICK HERE for Vets location and contact information.  Doggy Care and Boarding.   Need help? See Martin at Camp Barn any time day or night. George's lifetime doctor Suzanne Russell, D.V.M., has her full service veterinary hospital in Westport (35 miles). Additionally, the Plattsburgh Animal Hospital in Plattsburgh (35 miles) is staffed with 3 vets on 24-hour call. Boarding with indoor runs is available at Westport, and Plattsburgh. (CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Yellow Pages for hours, directions and complete contact information including energency service.

    REMEMBER! Need Help? PHONE Martin 518-524-6726 or see him at CAMP BARN FIRST at ANY HOUR.