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CLICK HERE for an Adirondack backcountry cabin--Ridge Camp. CLICK HERE for Sugar Camp, an Adirondack backcountry cabin. CLICK HERE for New Camp, an Adirondack backcountry cabin. CLICK HERE for Wolf's Nest, an Adirondack backcountry cabin.

Adirondack Backcountry Cabins.
On a private wilderness forest in the High Peaks of New York's 6 million-acre Adirondack Park.  Miles away from commercial tourism, in a hidden valley at the end of a one-lane dirt road. Each in it's own secluded setting far enough away from other buildings. Private getaways in the 19th C. Great Camp tradition. Complete kitchens. Fireplaces. Authentic handmade and antique furnishings. (FOR SEPARATE SALE)   "A vacation away from it all . . ." CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)  Backcountry camping!  What's a camp? The camp tradition.  Where in the world is Fourpeaks?  Fourpeaks Hiking Trails.   Summer Swimming.  A wilderness place. 
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CLICK HERE for New Camp photos and full description.New Camp.  At the end of Stonehouse Road by big Camp Field that opens up toward Bassett, New Camp sits up on a granite outcropping overlooking the "Sag"--a haying field years ago--where every year marsh marigolds mark the beginning of spring. The porch faces Rattlesnake and Ebenezer, 1-1/2 miles on a private hiking trail (2 persons). Pet-friendly. ($110-150/day Single/Double Occupancy, min. 3 days.) CLICK HERE for New Camp photos and full description.
CLICK HERE for Wolf's Nest photos and full description.Wolf's Nest  is perched on rock ledge halfway up Wainwright, with clear views facing Whiteface Mountain. Pine, oak, hardack and just a small clearing mostly bedrock. The woods road up connects with another trail to Brown's Notch and The Lookout (2 persons). Jeep transport provided with rental. Pet-friendly. ($130-175/day Single/Double Occupancy, min. 3 days.) CLICK HERE for Wolf's Nest photos and full description.
'CLICK HERE for the High Peaks view from Ridge Camp. CLICK HERE for Ridge Camp photos and full description.Ridge Camp.  At the far southwest corner of the property on the ridge connecting Ebenezer with the next chain of hills to the West, Ridge Camp offers panoramic views of the High Peaks. 1-1/2 miles from the trailhead at the end of Stonehouse Road (2-8 persons). Jeep transport provided with rental. Pet-friendly. ($170-220/day Single/Double Occupancy, min. 3 days.) CLICK HERE for Ridge Camp photos and full description.
CLICK HERE for Sugar Camp photos and full description.Sugar Camp.  At Perkins Farm, where Stonehouse Road levels out for good, by old apple trees, lilac and trillium in season, and a brook that runs down from the Sugar Bush. Go see the old restored cellar and old firlds beyond the brook (2-8 persons). Pet-friendly. ($155-200/day Single/Double Occupancy, min. 3 days.) CLICK HERE for Sugar Camp photos and full description.
Where in the USA is Fourpeaks? CLICK HERE for a bigger map. .Where in the world is Fourpeaks?
Where in New York is Fourpeaks? CLICK HERE for a bigger map. Fourpeaks (In the upper right hand corner of New York State.)
Just hours away from the major metropolitan centers of the Northeast, Fourpeaks is in the High Peaks, the heart of New York's 6-million acre Adirondack Park--the largest controlled use recreation area in the East. At the center of a scenic triangle with Whiteface Mountain (Wilmington, 6 miles), the Jay Wilderness (Jay Mountain, 4 miles) and the tallest 4,000-foot plus High Peaks (Keene, 10 miles away)--Spectacular Views! By the hamlet of Jay (12941) on the East Branch of the AuSable River. 6 miles from Whiteface Ski Area. 17 miles from Lake Placid Olympic Center. [CLICK HERE for map.]

. View South from Rattlesnake Knob(Ebenezer, High Peaks, Whiteface).
Explore Fourpeaks Hiking Trails & Beauty Spots. Home to seven pioneering families years ago, Fourpeaks is covered by roads and skid trails settlers used to access their fields, woodlots and pasture lands. Fourpeaks 4 mountains (Bassett, Wainwright, Rattlesnake and Ebenezer) are friendly 2,000-foot peaks which can provide hours and days of pleasant discovery for both the seasoned hiker and everyday walker--afoot, or on snowshoes or skis! Trails lead to summits and ridges with river, valley and mountain views, and to beauty spots worth visiting. For a private experience you don't have to drive to--away from the crowds on overused public trails. CLICK HERE to explore Fourpeaks Private Hiking Trails.

Summer Swimming Fun Summer Swimming. Summer Swimming. Discover old-fashion swimming fun in a natural place with no chlorine or crowds of people. Scenic AuSable River swimming at 2 spots nearby, plus Taylor Pond--just a short drive into the "boonies." Lake Everest, for kids, and our own cool mountain brook--no need to drive at all. CLICK HERE for Summer Swimming.

Camp Kitchen. Backcountry camping was never like this! In the style of the 19th century wilderness or Great Camps--Each Fourpeaks cabin is has authentic handmade and antique furnishings. A fireplace (or woodstove). Old fashioned gas lighting. Full kitchen, complete with utensils and dishes. A gas refrigerators, cooking range. Pure luxury for campers or backcountry hikers. A satisfying adventure for those who have never lived "off the grid."
Winter at The Cabin. What's a camp?  In the Northcountry (U.S. border states with French Canada) a camp is a remote Adirondack cabin, seasonal home or hunting place. Years ago Great Camps were built at great expense for the fortunate few. Today one's camp may be a modest cottage on abandoned farmland or a faraway cabin in the woods. There are few Northcountry people without a camp of some kind. It's a real place and-- at the same time--an elusive state of mind--a wilderness, a dream of leisure surrounded by other natural beings--trees, animals and flowers. And very few (if any) people! [CLICK HERE  for more about Adirondack Great Camps.]

Stonehouse Road  "The prettiest one-lane dirt road outside the state of Vermont" and a public byway since early times, Stonehouse Road (formerly Perkins Road) provides year round automobile access to Fourpeaks camps in a hidden valley. Stonehouse Road begins at the old Stone Houses on Route 9N by the AuSable River, climbs over four hundred feet in only 7/10-mile, quickly transporting one, as if by magic, into an earlier unhurried time of home built cabins, woodfires, candlelight and shallow wells--a mountain cove with open fields very far away from the ordinary world. [ CLICK HERE  for all about Stonehouse Road. CLICK HERE  for map with beauty spots. ]

About Early Pioneering. Fourpeaks four 2,000-foot mountains offered protection from winds and storms to the seven families who first settled here early in the 18th century. A perfect mountain cove or small valley with ample level terrain for crops and gardens, evidence of early pioneering is everywhere--stone foundations, hand-dug wells, stone fences, till lines at fields edge, and roads leveled and cut into banks and ridges. Every part of the valley is accessible by the old roads, trails and skid paths settlers used to reach their fields, woods and pasture lands. Today there are open meadows, cool pine groves and the same sense of being sheltered by the familiar outlines of Basset, Wainwright, Ebenezer Mountain and Rattlesnake Knob. [CLICK HERE  for Fourpeaks Trail Map. Find the peaks and valley floor on the  High Peaks Topo Map.]

A wilderness place.  At the center of over 3,000 acres of New York State and private forest lands with no motor vehicle access except for Stonehouse Road, Fourpeaks is a remote wilderness place by today's standards. The topography is interesting and varied. From every field and forest opening there are views of the four peaks close by, Whiteface Mountain just a few miles to the West, the tallest of the High Peaks to the South in Keene and the Jay Wilderness Range farther off to the East.
The woods roads and trails that crisscross the property, provide endless opportunities for walks through the upland forest of mixed hardwood and pine. From a short afternoon jaunt to the picnic table and Lookout by Bassett to an all day (pack your lunch) hike up from the AuSable to the Big Hollow beyond Ebenezer along a two-mile ridge--there's something for every level of energy and expertise. [For maps and trail notes, see Fourpeaks Hiking/Walking Trails & Beauty Spots.]

More about our history. Following the first English settlers from New England, Veterans of the War of 1812, and, later on, French Canadian and Irish immigrants settled the Fourpeaks land behind the old Stone Houses. Drawn to the shelter of the surrounding mountains only a mile up from the river, they cultivated their small fields and worked at logging or in the iron or lumber mills nearby. Look for seven old stone foundations on your walks. A sheepcote, household dumps, rusted old cars, a cow pond and miles of fencing may still be found. The schoolhouse was at the bottom of the hill. For a time the property was owned by the Lake Placid Club which operated a vegetable farm and a cannery--the old red house halfway up Stonehouse Road.

CLICK HERE for Adirondack Photo Gallery: Sugar Camp in Apple Blossoms. In the mountain cove at the end of Stonehouse Road, fields and meadows open up where pioneers grew crops and planted apple orchards years ago. Many of the original apples are still there, plus a great number of volunteering descendants. All rare antique varieties, especially developed for wintering over. CLICK HERE for Marigolds and Apples.

CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Photo Guest Book: Winter at The Cabin.Fourpeaks backcountry camps are comfortable living in any season. Winter is the quietest time--frost outside and a warm fire within. Learn more about Fourpeaks 4 Seasons at the Photo Guest Book.
CLICK HERE for the best photos of The Cabin-- Paul and Renee at The Cabin

CLICK HERE for excerpts, synopsis, book review, ordering information and order form. Daughters of Utopia: A new novel that takes place right here at Fourpeaks.
CLICK HERE to explore all eight Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps (Fireplace at The Cabin). CLICK HERE to explore all eight Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps (Kitchen at The Cabin). Author Moss Krupnick's fast-moving adventure story is about strong women, black belt karate, a Utopian nature retreat drawn from our Adirondack backcountry camps and an insular Northcountry community very much like Jay NY. A fun way to learn about Fourpeaks from the perspective of a big-city visitor. CLICK HERE  for excerpts, synopsis, book review, author note, and ordering information.