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    FAQ Frequently Asked Questions 'In reply to your inquiry regarding a Fourpeaks Adirondack vacation/getaway: Sorry--We have no brochures to send. Please visit our action-packed informative fun photo-filled 400-page website at' [CLICK HERE for fullsize image.] CLICK & GO!  (On this page.)   Why do you keep saying "Are you in this picture?Why is this webpage so big?  What is Fourpeaks like? Are there really four mountains?  Do any of your places have electricity?  Do the camps have running water?  Is the water safe to drink?  Where can I get a hot shower?  What do we have to bring with us?  Do I have to clean up the place before I leave?  What's a privy?  What about black flies, deer flies and mosquitos?   How far from New York?  How do the High Peaks compare with Lake George?  Can we drive to camp?  How are the roads in Winter? What about public transportation to Fourpeaks.  Is Fourpeaks available for just a weekend visit?  How do I make a reservation?  Do you allow pets?  Is staying at a Fourpeaks camp like camping?  Can you help us find equipment and car rentals?  What kind of activities are there at Fourpeaks?  Is there food shopping nearby?   Where is the laundromat?   Please send us a brochure.  How about Discount Prices?   Have questions not answered here at our Frequently Asked Questions page? Phone our Help Desk NOW! or Email Your Adirondack Guide!.
    Find out if you're in this picture. Why do you keep saying "Are you in this picture?"
    A Fourpeaks backcountry vacation/getaway is not for everybody. Frankly, many vacationers are not well-suited to what we offer. It's really for those who want a vacation "away from it all" in a natural place. They don't want to be near other people. Maybe they live near a lot of other people--in the city or the suburbs. They're looking to get away from that. No folks, no car, no phone, no TV. They're looking for a high degree of privacy in the accommodations. Away from other buildings. A lot of Quiet. We've found by experience there are just a few vacation profiles that fit into the Fourpeaks picture.
    #1 A romantic getaway. For couples taking a break from the daily routine--the jobs, the kids, the fixed patterns--marrieds, living together, girlfriends, boyfriends, honeymooners, anniversary-ers, etc. They appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Perfect for a special time together.
    #2 A nature retreat. Away from the fast pace and stress of urban life, folks find the time to live as country people did a hundred years ago, cooking, washing, reading, writing, hauling water, making a fire, or just sitting. Fourpeaks is a place for recharging personal energies. Perfect for solo visits.
    #3 Adventure families. For parents want to show their kids something of life on the other side of the digital/media world they live in every day. And they don't have the expense of foreign travel or hiring guides and outfitters. A Fourpeaks wilderness adventure begins just outside their cabin door.
    #4 Pet-friendly vacation. Folks with dogs enjoy the privacy and open spaces to run their pets. Fourpeaks doesn't just accept dogs. We invite them. George is here to show them around. Here folks get to spend full-time quality time with their adored pets--on our walking trails, open fields, mountain brooks and river shoals.
    Are you in this picture?   CLICK HERE to find out if there's a Fourpeaks place that's right for you.
    If you like what you've learned about a Fourpeaks vacation, but you're still not sure if you fit into this picture--phone our HelpDesk (518-524-6726) and we'll help you decide. Fourpeaks is a private rental property. And we have only 8 places to rent. So we're looking to book only what we believe will be highly satisfied visitors. That's best for them and it's more fun for us, too. Do you fit in this picture?

    Have you got time for this? Why is this webpage so big?
    Sorry, but it takes time to learn about Fourpeaks  .  .  .
  • Just a few slogans and a slick flash presentation couldn't tell what the story.
  • Our award-winning website comprises over 500 pages and 1000 photos--200 megabytes of digital data. A virtual Adirondacks!
  • Accommodations are descibed in detail with photos. That's because our backcountry camps are all different. No cookie cutter mentality here. Each is unique in its own private (maybe highly secluded) setting. They're pretty and fun, but you need to know what you'd be getting into.
  • Activity possibilities are thoroughly explored. At Fourpeaks camps and 700 acres of backcountry woods and fields, and in the High Peaks area around us.
  • There's a Nature Photo Gallery. A Photo Guest Book. Martin's poetry. Maps. And more.
  • That's a lot of material to look at.
    .  .  .  And it takes time to experience once you're here.
  • A 700-acre mountain valley bordered by 4 mountains.
  • 7 backcountry camps for living in the quiet style of a nineteenth-century Northcountry farm.
  • 20 miles of moderate walks with four major destinations, mountain and meadow views.
  • The quiet, scenic East Branch of the AuSable River for swimming/floating/fishing.
    Fourpeaks help is on the way! Cell phone contact any time. A Fourpeaks Backcountry Getaway? CLICK HERE for Easy Inquiry Form! A Fourpeaks Backcountry Getaway? CLICK HERE for Phone Help right away? If you'd like some help with this CLICK HERE for a Prompt Personal Response by Email (Easy Form). Or CLICK HERE for Tollfree or Cell Phone Help right away.
    CLICK HERE for  Alternative Accommodations we've handpicked for such emergencies. On the other hand, if you're really in too big of a hurry and need to find vacation lodgings superfast CLICK HERE now for Alternative Accommodations nearby. We've handpicked them for just such emergencies. Our list of High Peaks cabins and other places is annotated with descriptions, rates and contact information. You can make a reservation at any of these places in a matter of minutes. Then you can plan a Fourpeaks vacation/getaway next year when you have more time.

    What is Fourpeaks like? Are there really four mountains? 
    Fourpeaks Camp Gate Yes. Wainwright, Basset, Ebenezer Mountains and Rattlesnake Knob are right here. BIG and (shhh!) Quiet, they're 16 square miles all around! Our Fourpeaks backcountry camps are nestled right in the middle of them, offering a high degree of privacy in pristine natural surroundings. Exciting mountain views and--within reach of every visitor--a wilderness experience on your own!
  • But Fourpeaks amenities and style of hosting are distinctly personal. "Not for everybody!"--I heard a new guest say the other day, echoing what I had told her on the phone.
  • Is Fourpeaks your Adirondack Dream Vacation/Getaway? CLICK HERE to explore Fourpeaks. Learn about our Adirondack backcountry camps in the style of a quiet old-fashion farm.

    Do any of your places have electricity?
    Just Thoreau House. At Thoreau there's electric power for the fridge and lights, plus a water pump to get the water out of the well to the faucet. But there's no dishwasher or TV. It's quite comfortable but the amenities are really nineteenth century old farm primitive just like the other backcountry camps. Neat and simple, just the way Thoreau lived at Walden Pond in the 1850's
    Fourpeaks camps are for old style living, without electricity, something of a wilderness experience as a part of your family vacation. Propane (similar to natural gas, only distributed in tanks as a liquid under pressure) is used for power. There's propane for gas lights, refrigeration and cooking. This may take some getting used to. Mantles break if touched. Strong wind may blow out the fridge. Line leaks or resupply errors have resulted in being out altogether. (Read about the old fashion style of living that makes our cabins very special places. Or take a Quick Tour of all 7 of them. )

    Do the camps have running water?
    There's no "city" water at Fourpeaks backcountry camps. And no electricity (except for Thoreau House) to operate modern-day pumps. Water is pumped by hand. From a pitcher pump at the kitchen sink or a stand pump at the well. Water supply is limited by the effort to pump and haul.
    Old-fashion pitcher pump delivers water right at the kitchen sink.Each camp has an old-fashion pitcher pump that delivers water right at the kitchen sink. Except for Gypsy Camp, water is supplied from from 7 gal. "mini-cisterns". (Gypsy Camp has a well right at camp.) Except for Wolf's Nest, guests refill these containers as needed from a Well House nearby or at Camp Barn any time. (Wolf's Nest is a dry camp and has no additional water nearby. Guests must ration the startup supply of water provided.)
    Except for Wolf's Nest guests are expected to refill the 7 gal. "mini-cisterns" before departure. Our terms of rental: "Leave it as you find it."
    See How to work the old fashion pitcher pumps. It's fun.
    Guests should learn about Fourpeaks alternative methods for bathing with limited water (the bucket bath, the cowboy bath and our new portable showers). CLICK HERE for Scrubbing Up at our Fourpeaks Backcountry Camps: Hot showers and those Oldfashion Ways..

    Safety Hazards at our Backcountry Camps. WATER SAFETY.
  • Do not Drink the Water! Guests at Fourpeaks backcountry camps should not drink or cook with the water fron the camp hand pumps, taps or dispensing containers.
  • Though clear and odorless, our water is from shallow wells and may contain coliform bacteria from surface water. For that reason it will not pass Health Department requirements for drinking water in rental situations. The water is not suitable for drinking or cooking. The water at camp is unsafe and guests are instructed NOT TO DRINK it or cook with it.
  • Guests must supply their own drinking water. We suggest inexpensive, easy-to-get supermarket "spring water," available in convenient dispensing containers.
  • Camp water should be used for washing and bathing only.

    Where can I get a hot shower? New portable showers at Fourpeaks.
    We have portable battery operated showers at each of our backcountry camps. Just place the pump body in a 5-gallon pail of warm/hot water and seconds later you're all ready to get wet and sudsy. Enough for two! It's fun. Or try one of the time-tested alternative methods for bathing at camp--the bucket bath, the tin washtub bath or the cowboy bath. Washing up at camp may take some doing but it works. It's part of the Fourpeaks backcountry experience. Educational and fun. And it's all designed to make use of the limited supply of water at our backcountry camps. [Read all about backcountry bathing at Fourpeaks Cowboy Bath & More. More about limited water supply right here at Frequently Asked Questions.]

    Fourpeaks is a complete vacation. What do we have to bring with us?
    Not much. Fourpeaks is a complete vacation.
    Only your food including drinking water, bed linens and towels. Fourpeaks kitchens are complete with dishes, silverware, wine glasses, coffee makers, tea pots and toasters, a variety of kitchen utensils--almost anything you can think of. Extras also supplied include dish soap, hand soap, sponge/pot scrubber, Comet cleaner, dish towels, toilet paper, trash bags, matches, candles, biscuit mix, honey, salt, pepper, and sugar. Blankets and pillows, firewood are all supplied.
    About bed linens and towels. Here at Fourpeaks we're too far out in the country to get the services of a linen rental company. So while our places are otherwise thoroughly housekeeping-ready, guests must bring their own bed linens (sheets, pillowcases) and towels. CLICK HERE for bed sizes and more at our Room Plans page.
    Traveling here by air? If bringing your linens is a difficulty for this or any other reason, please let us know. Linens and towels can be supplied if arranged in advance (extra cleaning cost, $20/bed).
    Additional suggestion. Like to read at night? For serious reading after dark gas lamps and candles may not provide enough light. Flashlights are difficult to use. We reccommend any of the inexpensive 6-volt table lamps, readily available at outdoor departments. Table lamps powered by a 6-volt dry cell lantern battery with spring posts are cheaper than fancy camping lanterns and are much better for reading as the light is spread just like a table lamp at home.
    Bring charcoal if you plan to grill.
    A flashlight to find the privy at night.
    Coffee Makers (Supplied).
    Melitta Drip Coffee Maker 1) Stovetop percolator. Bring coarse ground coffee made for percolators.
    2) Melita drip filter and filter holders. Bring fine ground coffee for drip coffee makers.
    3) Like cafe latte? Bring espresso coffee and half and half. We'll supply the stovetop espesso maker and show you how. CLICK HERE at the recipe page for all about cafe latte, our favorite breakfast beverage.
    To learn more about what to expect in the way of amenities, read about it in the Amenities Summary at the home page of the rental you're considerings.
    CLICK NOW for The Cabin, New Camp, Wolf's Nest, Ridge Camp, Gypsy Camp, Sugar Camp, Thoreau House. And CLICK HERE for our Amenities Summary page comparing Amenities at all the rentals.

    Do I have to clean up the place before I leave?
    Yes. Your Fourpeaks accommodation is your own private rental home. And Fourpeaks is too big for us to make it liveable without your thorough cooperation. Read about your housekeeping responsibilities in the Fourpeaks Safety First! and Rental Terms. Make your beds, take out the garbage and (when you leave) straighten up and leave the place as clean and orderly as you found it. (If this type of private family vacation--"self-catering" to our overseas visitors--doesn't appeal to you, check out the selected list of High Peaks cabins, cottages, chalets and vacation homes at The Love Story. Tell'em we sent you.)

    What's a privy?
    Leah at the New Camp privy. Typical backcountry outhouse (privy). A privy is an outhouse--a dry toilet out-of-doors in which human waste is allowed to naturally decompose. One privy for each Fourpeaks camp, not too far away, among trees in woods. They are normally quite odorless. In summer heat, there may be a sort of a barnyard odor, however. A sprinkling of hydrated lime can be added to control odors (supplied). We've seen guests with cans of Glade or Lysol spray (not supplied). Irene says her Dad used to scrub the place with Pinesol disinfectant cleaner for a woodsy odor (not supplied).
    If the thought of using this timeless method of disposing of human waste is unpleasant to you (and you're not yet a Fourpeaks guest, but are thinking about it), phone now and we'll talk to you about renting one of our portable flush toilets while you're here, or suggest something at our nearby Base Camp, with all the modern conveniences. 518-524-6726.
    If you don't want to use the privy (but you're already here as a Fourpeaks guest), you've made a mistake in renting one of our backcountry camps. And we're sorry about that. Please come to Camp Barn and speak to us about it right away. We have a portable flush toilet we can provide to fix the problem.
    CLICK HERE for privy photos and ALL about privies (outhouses)

    What about black flies, deer flies and mosquitos?
    Black flies are controlled in our immediate area. The larvae are treated by biological means. There are no black flies here at Fourpeaks. That's the good news. Deer flies (they come first) and mosquitoes (later on) may have to be dealt with. The appearance of these flying nuisances is quite variable. It depends on the weather and other factors. There are often none at all. If there are any, the concentration varies.
    Bothered by them? Personal bug sprays or creams are effective. Full clothing cover (hats, long-sleeved shirts and trousers) is important. For sensitive skin it's best to spray the clothing--not the skin. For protecting the face bring along a tropical hat with net available at outdoor stores.
    There's another--the "no-seeum." It gets through ordinary screens and you really can't see 'em. And then there are the stinging insects --bees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets. Any window warm from the sun may have cluster flies about in early summer or fall.
    If you are aprehensive about these flying nuisances, please discuss it with us and we'll help suggest the best season and place to stay for your maximum comfort.
    [ For a whole lot more on this subject see Flying critters on your Adirondack Vacation, a page in our Adirondack Miscellany. ]

    Can we drive to camp in our own car?
    CLICK HERE for more about access to our backcountry camps. Access to our Backcountry Camps. Fourpeaks is open year-round. There's auto access to The Cabin, Sugar Camp, New Camp, Gypsy Camp and Thoreau House, so you can drive right to them. But there's no "front desk" at Fourpeaks. so you need to find out how to get to your rental. CLICK HERE for How to Get to Your Rental.and What to do When you get There.
    Our two remote camps, Wolf's Nest and Ridge Camp, are rented to guests who hike in. (Wolf's Nest, 5/8 mile or Ridge Camp 1-1/2 miles.) Guests at those camps meet us at our Camp Barn Office. A full orientation to camp precedes the visit. Firewood plus propane for lighting and cooking are already in place at camp. Wash water is at the Well House at Ridge, but wash water must be carried up for Wolf. Extra backpacks and a cargo sled are available for loan.
    No guest vehicles. Except for short access roads off Stonehouse Road (to Thoreau House, Gypsy Camp, Sugar Camp, New Camp and The Cabin), the use of guest vehicles on Fourpeaks roads and trails is strictly forbidden.
    [More about access and other travel related information, including Winter Road Condirions, Public Transportation, and more at Frequently Asked Questions.]

    How are the roads in Winter?
    Interstate Highways and main thoroughfares (Routes 9N, 73 and 86) in the High Peaks around us are promptly cleared of snow and treated for ice. This is, after all, ski country!
    Stonehouse Road, the mile-long Town Road providing access to Fourpeaks, is plowed and sanded as well. [CLICK HERE for weather at Fourpeaks and Stonehouse Road winter driving tips.   CLICK HERE for all about Stonehouse Road and a map of Stonehouse Road.]

    How far from New York?
    5 hours if you don't stop a lot, run into a traffic jam or a snowstorm. (It's really not a big deal if you enjoy driving, have lots to think about and can use the time to work out your problems.)
    About the same time from Boston or Rochester.
    Our advice: Leave the city as early as possible to avoid the early morning traffic. [CLICK HERE for complete door to door travel directions.]

    How far from Lake George?
    80 miles. 1-1/2 hours on the Northway. (A pretty drive. It won the Beautiful Highway award in the 70's.)
    How do the High Peaks compare with Lake George?
    It's really world's away! Mega-tourist-junk at Lake George. Discount shopping and motels line almost every inch of highway for miles.
    In the High Peaks we have Lake Placid as our tourist trap. Lots of folks there just eating ice cream cones and buying T-shirts. Very crowded in Summer and holiday weekends. (We tell our guests never to go there then.) Here on the East Branch of the AuSable (Keene Valley, Keene, Upper Jay and Jay) it's totally different and natural. Zoning laws installed in '74 (Adirondack Park Agency) effectively put a halt to development outside of the hamlets. As a result there is no tourist sprawl on our roads. Fourpeaks itself and the AuSable River Flats below are in a pretty rural setting with no development of any kind. Good for family hiking, R&R, swimming/floating our river, etc. If you want to hike the sidewalks for shopping and tourist attractions you need to get over to Lake Placid Village (17 miles).

    What public transportation is available to Fourpeaks?
    Plane, train and bus transportation to Fourpeaks is available.
    The Amtrak "Adirondack" makes the trip from Penn Station, New York to Plattsburgh NY(35 miles from Fourpeaks) daily. Trains depart about 8AM and arrive aboput 3PM. Fares vary seasonally, about $65. Phone 800-872-7245. Good connections to Fourpeaks. CLICK HERE for both taxis and car rental at the Fourpeaks Yellow Pages.
    Bus transportationis also available, departing Port Authority, New York to Plattsburgh four times daily, a 6-1/2 hour trip. Fares vary seasonally, about $65. Greyhound Bus Lines and Adirondack Trailways share the route cooperatively. Tickets are good on either carrier. For fare and schedule information phone Greyhound, 316 Cornelia Street, Plattsburgh 518-563-1480 during business hours (or 800-231-2222). Good connections to Fourpeaks. CLICK HERE for both taxis and car rental at the Fourpeaks Yellow Pages.
    Travel by air to Plattsburgh International Airport (40 min. by car to Fourpeaks) or through Burlington VT (1-1/2 hours), Montreal QC (1-1/2 hours) or Albany, NY (2-1/2 hours). Ground transportation is readily available in Plattsburgh. CLICK HERE for both taxis and car rental at the Fourpeaks Yellow Pages.

    Is Fourpeaks available for just a weekend visit?
    Sure. Three nights. It's really the minimum amount of time to experience our backcountry. You then have two full days of natural beauty, living without media and people, and time to get adjusted to all that quiet.
    It's also wise to look at travel time and vacation time. Stay some place for two nights you have two travel days for just one day pure vacation. Not a good trade-off.
    Night and day. There's sometimes a little confusion about what is meant by a 2-day or a 3-day stay, so we talk about nights when we make a rental offer just like hotels do. Some guests consider Friday to Sunday a 3-day visit and that's ok downstate and where new ideas easily take hold. But up here in the mountains we still count days by the passing of one or more of the heavenly bodies, just as they did in olden times. We say it's 2 nights.

    How do I make a reservation?
    Please be as sure as you can that a Fourpeaks Vacation/Getaway is right for you. Look over the photos and read the detailed description of the accommodation(s) that interest you:
    The Cabin  For a Log cabin family vacation.
    New Camp  The couples place.
    Sugar Camp  At the old Perkins farm.
    Ridge Camp  Spectacular High Peaks Views.
    Wolf's Nest  The Whiteface View.
    Gypsy Camp  All alone on big field with views.
    Then read/reread our Safety First! and Rental Terms about arranging your arrival time with us, finding how to get to your rental and where to meet us, fire safety, housekeeping responsibilities and other matters that will affect your safety and enjoyment at Fourpeaks.
    (CLICK HERE if you haven't got time for this.)

    When you're ready to make a reservation, phone 518-524-6726 any time. We'll answer questions, maybe make suggestions, record your reservation, and email you a detailed reservation letter with full particulars. We ask that you confirm online including a deposit payment with your credit card, also online. [CLICK HERE to read more about payment and Cancellation fees.]

    [ALL ABOUT our Backcountry Camps ]

    What is your policy regarding pets? I have dogs which enjoy camping as much as I.
    Fourpeaks is super dog friendly. Your dog will enjoy a doggy vacation with just you and the great outdoors. A few restrictions apply. Your dog off-lead is fine, but he/she must be under your control at all times. Not let loose like a cat. Your dog may not be left alone in the accommodations. Aside from these common sense rules your dog is as welcome as you are, and will be included (as a doggy guest) in our Reservation Letter.
    [ALL ABOUT your pet dog at Fourpeaks. ]

    IS FOURPEAKS RIGHT FOR YOU? While we do welcome pets we feel vacationers should choose a vacation place primarily to suit themselves (the people) and not just the dogs. Dogs always have a good time. If you're interested in Fourpeaks just because we take dogs, you're making a mistake. All the vacation places we know about and network with take dogs. See them at our alternate accommodations page. If you want to find out if you'll like Fourpeaks--we're sure your dog will--take our one minute Adirondack Vacation Quiz .

    Is staying at a Fourpeaks camp like camping?
    Fourpeaks backcountry camps are not like camping. They are fully equipped homes in the style of living a hundred years ago. The cabins are very pretty and private, even--some say--luxurious. It can't be compared very well with any campground or public camping you ever saw. There's no electricity. Alternative means for power and water are employed. It costs more money than camping. [Read about What our Camps are like--and what they're NOT LIKE. For a one-page guided tour CLICK HERE  for a quick look at our 7 Backcountry Camps. Our backcountry camps are not for everybody. (See below "Are you in this picture?")]

    (We plan on getting to Fourpeaks by plane or train.) Can you arrange car rental for us? How about equipmental rental?
    Yes. We maintain a thorough list of car rentals (in Plattsburgh), sports equipment rentals (Lake Placid), fishing guides, and taxis (all over). We also will reccommend restaurants should you want a night off from your Fourpeaks complete kitchen. Just let us know what you're looking for.

    What kind of vacation activities are there at Fourpeaks?
    Fourpeaks offers lots more than just lodgings. CLICK HERE and start planning your R&R or Adirondack vacation activities.Fourpeaks offers more than just lodgings. A complete vacation! The most rewarding activities at Fourpeaks are hiking/walking and just R&R. Reading, sleeping in or napping in the afternoon. A quiet really private 4-season enjoyment of our accessible wilderness. River swimming, floating, fishing and more. If you like, there are many other activities nearby. We'll help you find canoeing and swimming in a wilderness lake. Horseback riding, sleigh rides. Cross-country and downhill skiing. There are 10 Activity Pages here on our website and each page is packed with fresh vacation ideas for you to consider. We reccommend that every visitor spend at least some time looking at the many activities that are possible in our beautiful open spaces. For any activity you have in mind, phone our HELPDESK 518-524-6726 or CLICK HERE for a Prompt Personal Information Response by Email (Easy Form). We'll help with pleasure!
    Don't waste your money! Go someplace else if you plan to be out in your car all day. (But please don't make this mistake!) If the major focus of your vacation is sightseeing the area  (doing things like theme parks, sightseeing, shopping, golf or the Lake Placid Olympic venues, etc.) and you'll be away in your car most of the time doing the typical tourist stuff, please don't consider renting one of our backcountry camps. The old-fashion amenities there would be way too much trouble and you'd never get to enjoy the place. Rent one of our Backcountry Camps for another vacation when you have more time to just enjoy nature.

    Is there food shopping nearby?
    There's a full supermarket in AuSable Forks (8 miles). CLICK HERE for all the food shopping choices at our Activities Nearby webpage.
    For arriving guests we reccommend stopping on the way or bringing food from home. That way you save precious vacation time. There are supermarkets in Schroon Lake, Lake Placid, Montreal and an old-fashion market in Keene Valley that still wraps the cut meat with paper and string.

    Where is the laundromat?
    The nearest and best laundromat is at Tod's 7-11 in AuSable Forks (8 miles). Good machines. Local color.
    For guests at our backcountry camps we reccommend washing by hand. Washing clothes by hand is therapeutic and fun. CLICK HERE for our Activities at Camp webpage for the washing tools and methods from years ago.

    Please send us a brochure.
    No. Sorry--but we don't have one any more. Although I admit (as a former printer) struggling with one for a while. Not enough room and not flexible enough for Fourpeaks. Since we started renting our Fourpeaks places as a serious business (Summer '96--only a few short years ago) we've increasingly relied on our webpage as a means of offering our vacation places to the public. Today it's the only way--we have nothing in print.
    Also email has entirely replaced "snail mail" for communicating with guests. We haven't licked a postage stamp in a year (Jan '00). Prospective guests must have internet access to learn about us and active email accounts to receive our sales offers, reservation letters and additional up-to-date activity information notes. No internet access? Sorry. (Louise just clipped this New Yorker cartoon. CLICK HERE to see it.)

    How about Discount Prices?
    CLICK HERE for Fourpeaks Discount Prices. Get away to Fourpeaks, working part-time to pay your way. CLICK HERE for our Work-Stay Program. Discount Prices. We love to see guests come back. To make it easier, we offer Year-round Discounts. CLICK HERE to see our Reduced Rate Plans for Returning Guests.   Work here part-time to help pay your way? CLICK HERE  to learn about our Fourpeaks Work-Stay Program.  Get away to Fourpeaks for free. CLICK HERE for a Fourpeaks Home Exchange?Have a home or apartment in New York City? CLICK HERE to learn about a Fourpeaks Home Exchange.   Never been here, but you're a student, senior, or live on low-income? CLICK HERE  for help finding an Adirondack Budget Vacation.

    .Are you in this picture? CLICK HERE to find out. 
    Are you in this picture? Fourpeaks hosts now welcome paying guests to a 700-acre rest and playground for vacations in the Adirondack Great Camp tradition. Couples appreciate Fourpeaks secluded settings. Outdoor loving families have fun exploring our accessible wilderness. Folks with dogs enjoy the open spaces to run their pets. A private nature rereat. For a vacation away from it all.    Are you in this picture?  CLICK HERE to find out!    [More about this at Frequently Asked Questions.]

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  • Phone our Help Desk with Phone help is just a moment away. Tollfree  or Cell phone contact any time. Cell phone contact any time.
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